Bass guitar
(c) Rudi Pohjaniemi

Joonas was born 1984 in the city of Jarvenpää, the capital of Finnish blues. He grew up playing all sorts of instruments from percussion in a children´s music ensemble to electric bass in numerous blues bands (Struttin´ Blues Band, Blues etc.).

In year 2004 he emigrated from Southern Finland to Tampere to study ethnomusicology, the study of music cultures in the University of Tampere. Since then he has gotten even more into world music, playing now (in addition to electric bass): the Chinese er-hu, Arabian derbukka, the African djembe, the Irish framedrum bodhrán and tin whistle and all sorts of traditional Finnish instruments like rapapallit.

Joonas has also studied composing under composers John Godfrey (UK)and Jesse Ronneau (USA) and the sound artist Danny McCarthy (IRE) in Ireland and is specialized in sound art, electronic, electro-acoustic and minimal music. He has also experience with computer based sound synthesis.

At the moment Joonas works for multiple employers in the music scene: Kulttuuriosuuskunta UuluGlobal Music Center and City of Tampere.