Thank you Tampere-talo!

Thanks to all who took part in making A Show for Assorted Lunatics in Tampere! The audience of ca. 1500 people who made this possible; the 3rd graders from Aleksanteri school (support your local music class!) and their teacher Susanna Wilska-Nurmi; our special guests Esa Puolakka in trumpet and Jusu Berghall in sax and the whole production team of Tampere-talo. And of course Pulse: Miia, Supe, Katja, Tapsa, Simo P, Simo H, Santtu, Thierry, Joonas, Olli and Timo.

See you in Paviljonki, Jyväskylä 2.4.2016!

(c) Mikko Nurmi