Thank you for an amazing night at Keitelejazz! Be prepared for Venetsialaiset @ Tampere!

Pulse @ Keitelejazz 2015. Photo: Ankku Ronkanen.
Thanks to the ca. 1500 people who attended our show in Keitelejazz @ Äänekoski! It was extremely cool to perform to an audience that most of had never seen us before. Hope to see you in our shows in the future! Also, we wish to give a very special thanks to the organizers. Everything was so smooth and worked like a charm! And the food was good! And the view from the backstage was astounding!

But no time to rest here people! The show must go on! We are already planning our next show, that will happen on saturday August 29th in Näsilinna, Tampere. Tickets can be purchased from tiketti.fi. We do not know the details yet, but we can guarantee, that it will be an amazing show! Last time in Venetsialaiset we had fireworks and a huge ledscreen-thingy. This time we hope it will be even more massive!