A Show for Assorted Lunatics, Jyväskylä 2.4.2016

We´ll be doing (at least) two Shows for Assorted Lunatics in the spring of 2016. The second one is happening in Paviljonki, Jyväskylä on saturday 02.04.2016! The ticket sales will begin in December! The last time we played in Jyväskylä, it was in a nice cozy bar called Redneck some seven years ago. We are pretty sure that this time the light show and overall feeling will be more floydian!

Tickets can be purcased from lippu.fi


A Show for Assorted Lunatics, Tampere 12.3.2016

We are very pleased to announce our next show, which will happen in Tampere-talo on 12.3.2016.
Ticket sales begin 2.11. More info to follow soon!



Thank you Radio Autere!

Pulse wishes to thank the staff of Radio Autere for making it possible to broadcast our show live all over the world via Internet! We´ve received very good feedback from all around the world. It was the first time any of us played live on the radio, and the experience was very nice. We would also like to thank the audience that came to the venue.

Now we are taking a small break from playing live, as there will be plenty of thing to do before our forthcoming shows next year. We have two agreed at the moment, Jyväskylä and Tampere, but since details are yet to be settled, no more info on those yet.

Shine on!


Live @ Radio Autere 2.10.2015

Welcome to the Machine!

We decided to take a small break from shows before doing something again next spring. This is mainly due to the reason that drummer Simo has a leg surgery and he needs some time to recover from it.

But before that we are actually doing one more show! It´ll happen in just about two weeks in the small town of Mänttä in an old nightclub turned to local radio station Radio Autere´s headquarters. There will be limited amount (ca. 120) of 10 € tickets for sale on the door. There will be no huge light show (we´ll build something of course) and the band will be performing really close to the audience. There will be some more talk between the songs as the whole show will be broadcasted on Radio Autere (106,6 MHz around Mänttä) as well as their Internet radio, which, of course, can be heard everywhere in the world.

If you wish to secure access to the show, you can contact Joonas at joonas@uulu.fi and he´ll reserve tickets for you to be purchased before the show.

Otherwise, you can just tune in to Radio Autere, put your headphones on and enjoy.


Lasers and flying pigs...

Thank you Näsilinnan venetsialaiset! It was a blast.

If you think Pink Floyd, there´s really nothing new about lasers and flying pigs. But for us it was the first time we had such an amount of lasers, and as you can guess, we were pretty excited! Our inflatable pig Eugene also took a flight above the audience (as he did in Pakkahuone), and survived with only minor damage. Doing better than our first pig Arnold, who passed away after the first time we inflated him... The venue was also great and we really weren´t expecting such an amount of people. The rumour has that there was ca. 1000 people all together! Amazing!

Photo: Pirja Aarnio


Thank you for an amazing night at Keitelejazz! Be prepared for Venetsialaiset @ Tampere!

Pulse @ Keitelejazz 2015. Photo: Ankku Ronkanen.
Thanks to the ca. 1500 people who attended our show in Keitelejazz @ Äänekoski! It was extremely cool to perform to an audience that most of had never seen us before. Hope to see you in our shows in the future! Also, we wish to give a very special thanks to the organizers. Everything was so smooth and worked like a charm! And the food was good! And the view from the backstage was astounding!

But no time to rest here people! The show must go on! We are already planning our next show, that will happen on saturday August 29th in Näsilinna, Tampere. Tickets can be purchased from tiketti.fi. We do not know the details yet, but we can guarantee, that it will be an amazing show! Last time in Venetsialaiset we had fireworks and a huge ledscreen-thingy. This time we hope it will be even more massive!


Thank you Pakkahuone! Getting ready for Keitelejazz!

Audience @ Pakkahuone. Photo: Mikko Nurmi.
Thank you all who attended our show in Pakkahuone to celebrate 50 years of Pink Floyd and Pulse´s 10th anniverary at the same time! It was fun and the band was more relaxed then ever and had a blast on the stage! 

We would also like to give special thanks to 4 Vuodenaikaa and Hullu poro for providing our meals during the whole weekend as well as Sokos Hotel Ilves for providing accommodation for our special guest Durga McBroom.

Now that the Pakkahuone show is done and over we will focus our attention to our next show happening in Keitelejazz, Äänekoski on Friday 24.7. We are very happy that we will be ending the night after such great names as Premiata Forneria Marconi (ITA) and Wishbone Ash (UK). It will be a night full of wonderful music and a sort of time travel trip back to the golden age of progressive rock!